Sunday, July 31, 2011

For a minute there...I lost myself.

Ahhh, I seriously can't stop listening to Radiohead. As well as Two Door Cinema Club and Young the Giant! I love love lovee music, and love writing I just wish I can get over my fear of singing in front of people it's terrible really.
"I can tell just what you want, you don't want to be alone no you don't want to be alone."
If you have not listened to Young The Giant you should like ASAP!

You're my river running high, run deep run wild.

I might sound crazy but, I want school to start already! I need it to keep my mind of things I'm kind of over summer. I do sound crazy don't I? 

Comfy outfit.

Summer's not over, but you and I dear, were hanging by a thread,

In the beginning of summer I thought it was going to be different, I would go out everyday, I would spend my time at the beach since I live fairly close to it, and especially I thought this summer would be where you and I would get over the past and start over. I'm talking about my ex boyfriend,I loved well, I still love him dearly even after everything that happened. He was my first love and first everything, I miss him and I miss what we had. Our relationship ended because of another girl. Yes, he basically left me for someone else and the thought my love towards him wasn't enough, that he had lied when he said "I love you, Jennifer." was all but a lie. It hurt. After almost 6 months I was beginning to feel better and move on isn't it funny once I begin to feel better and move on he comes back into my life? Saying how he missed me and how he misses our relationship, and me so very quick to give in. And I did give in I gave him another try but no, it still wasn't enough in the end I discovered he still had a relationship with the other girl while he was telling me "I love you, Jennifer" And now it hurts like hell, I'm so scared that in my future relationships I will let this get the best of me and ruin something. I'm only 16 I never saw myself be in this kind of situation at such a young age. Basically what I'm saying is don't be so quick to believe the first guy that comes you're way saying he loves you. Don't give everything away, respect yourself always.
Much love, Jenn x

Saturday, July 30, 2011

F.I.D.M (Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising)

 I will be going to an open house they are hosting on Aug.13 here in Los Angeles! I'm super stoked about this, I guess you can say that this is one of my dream schools. So if anyone lives in California or you're interested in this college check out there website:

Just a bunch of random stuff I found to be interesting online. Mostly from weheartit and Tumblr.


After 6 years of living here I am moving! I'm a bit excited but at the same time I'm full of stress, a tad bit sad, and anxious. I guess because we own a lot of things and it's such a handful to pack everything into boxes! wahh /: oh well I'm excited I get to remodel my room anyway I want but man is this going to take a while!

Awake my soul.

I love that song very much it's by Mumford and Son's to anyone who has not listened to it, well I suggest that you do.
So these are just random photographs I found on that caught my eye.

Seriously, messy buns are the best.

I really fell in LOVE with her glasses!