Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Christmas!

Wow I have not updated in a while :/ I'm always using my phone and there's never enough time for me to get on my desktop haha but I need to start making time for it! And trust me blogging is NOT fun while on the iPhone, anyone know if there is an app for this? Well anywho I would like to say many things have changed in the past months but it honestly hasn't except I have realized who my true friends are made some new ones and turned 17. Yep not much going on but that's fine there's always time to change that up. Well today is Christmas and my dad is out of the country, it is going to be different in my house without him here but it's just a week hope it goes by fast!

Tonight if i get a chance I'll go on my desktop and post some pictures that consist of these past months bye for now :)

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