Saturday, September 8, 2012

Bittersweet type of thing.

Hello! god I swear I never blog and I would like to even though
I don't really do, it's just that my old laptop SUCKED. It was so slow and it bugged me so I never used it so I would blog from my phone but that didn't work out to well either SO now that I just started school again my dad got me a Macbook pro since I'm doing a lot of writing so it's easier and hopefully I can stick to it! Anyways now that I've given my reason as to why i rarely blog I just wanted to tell you guys about what's been going on.
I started fall semester at Santa Monica College in Cali, I'm majoring in Journalism and so far, I'm liking it. The traffic is terrible and I have to wake up at 5am everyday which totally
sucks but eh thats growing up right? or no? well who knows but thats my schedule
and I'm currently in my schools newspaper staff! which I am soooo excited about eeek!
Our first issue just came out so hopefully I can get some pictures of it soon. I haven't really taken photos of things recently but I'll post some of summer time because come on, this blog is in serious need of some pictures haha. Oh!  and how could I forget to mention I saw Coldplay in May at the Hollywood Bowl one of my favorite bands ever, and it was amazing! Truly a night to remember.

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