Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Love Will Tear Us Apart, Again

Any Joy Division fans? Well if you are let me tell you that you are awesome. I am a HUGE Joy Division fan. I love music period especially alternative rock, my music taste ranges from Pink Floyd to Coldplay to Frank Sinatra to Led Zeppelin to Fiona Apple.
But back to Joy Division I've always been so appreciative
of front man Ian Curtis's voice it's so deep
and you can feel his emotions when he sings and his lyrics.
It's so sad he had to go so soon at the high peek of his career but 
alas his music still lives of forever, good news for me
on Oct. 7th 2012 I will see New Order (who are the remaining JD band members with some new people in it) at the Greek Theatre! SOOOOO exciting! They tend to always sing "Love will tear us apart" which is a song Curtis wrote at the end. Good things are coming out
in the month of October. 

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